Saturday, April 30, 2011


The NRO's 2008 Review and Redaction Guide shows the limited information that can be released about the NRO's MASINT activities:

1. Fact that NRO systems perform MASINT collection.
2. Fact that U.S./NRO systems perform overhead measurement and signature intelligence (MASINT) collection.
3. General information surrounding the fact that the NRO is associated with MASINT in an R&D connotation.

1. All information about R&D, operational and nonoperational NRO MASINT collection and processing, with only a few exceptions, as indicated [above]. Information to be redacted includes system descriptions, technology, capabilities and operations, program names and numbers, dates, contractors, funding, facility locations, and satellite vulnerabilities, including susceptibility to denial, deception, and countermeasures.

DoD directive 5105.58 declares the National MASINT Management Office (NMMO), a joint organization subordinate to the director of the DIA, as managing the US MASINT System (USMS), a system-of-systems which provides the framework for tasking, collection, processing, exploitation and dissemination of MASINT. The NRO and DIA are considered mission partners in this regard where the NRO's responsibility is to "research, develop, acquire, launch, and maintain the operational capability of national space-based MASINT collection systems" including the "command and control of platforms and other systems required to enable space-based MASINT intelligence collection, processing, and dissemination." The NRO is "jointly staffed by members of the armed services, the Central Intelligence Agency, and DoD civilian personnel."

This leads me to believe that the NRO is on equal footing with the DIA as a suspect in the US government's remote neural monitoring activities.

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  1. Thanks for posting. I was thinking the same thing about MASINT. There is an international alliance going on in this NSA led mind control. It is backed by UK GCHQ, looks like through PRISM and earlier mind control project(s) through Five Eyes.

    a UK TI