Saturday, April 9, 2011

FBI Tip Line

I submitted this tip to the FBI last week and have yet to receive a phone call, email or personal visit. Maybe it's because I defined the constellation as LEO without including the possibility of MEO. Or maybe it's much simpler than that. Maybe they are an accomplice.
I would like to emphasize this information as a suspected tip. In 2006 an organization within the US government began openly communicating with me through remote sensing technology. These communications have taken the form of psychic driving, clicks and high frequency ringing, to name a few. My experience is consistent with brainwashing techniques developed by the CIA during project MKULTRA.

My personal investigation into the matter has identified the DIA as the prime suspect with possible cooperation from the CIA, NSA and NRO. The sensors are MASINT and possibly ELINT and operate from a low Earth orbit satellite constellation for realtime global coverage. These sensors can monitor and trigger a target's brain states including the transmission of auditory and visual messages directly to the mind.

The ground stations and processing facilities could be at any of several secure locations in the United States or other UKUSA state with the most sensitive being in a silo type environment underground. The computers are advanced enough to decode and respond to the thoughts of a multitude of targets without any perceptible delay.

What are my rights in this matter? Will it be investigated? Can the culprits be prosecuted? This is of utmost urgency as many people are suffering from the misuse of this technology.

My blog has more information and I invite you to study it:

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