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John Akwei v. NSA

Those researching electronic harassment will no doubt come across the case of John Akwei v. NSA. Mr. Akwei alleges the NSA used it resources, including remote physiological devices, to illegally harass and surveil him for over a decade. Mr. Akwei brought his case before the US District Court in Washington DC in 1992 only to have it dismissed due to the Court being unable to identify any legal cause of action. In 1996 Nexus Magazine published Mr. Akwei's evidence dossier which he compiled after the ruling. The dossier has been republished on several websites sometimes with the spurious claim that Mr. Akwei is a former NSA employee. Other sites have taken the liberty of adding their own content without proper attribution. Wanting to filter the misinformation, I ordered the case file from the Washington National Records Center in Suitland, MD. I have also confirmed that Mr. Akwei is alive and well and as he acknowledges is not now nor has ever been employed by the NSA nor has he ever made any such claims. He also affirms that the images posted here are not his and that in other republications of his dossier the last paragraph has been changed. No other legal action has been taken by Mr. Akwei since the 1992 ruling.

In the interest of presenting the facts of this case I have uploaded the documents I received from the WNRC. Certain names have been redacted per Mr. Akwei's request to protect those who may have been falsely accused due to deception. The note in the case file saying "no page 4 per pltf." is due to a page numbering error by Mr. Akwei at the time of filing.

John Akwei v. NSA (Court Docket 92-CV-449)
John Akwei v. NSA (Case File 92-CV-449)
Covert Operations of the US National Security Agency (Nexus April-May 1996)
The Website of John Akwei


  1. Funny as the family Sinclair, derived from St. Clair seems to be targeted. My father and I both. My father John Sinclair Dyer. My perpetration began as a young Mormon child through my Mormon divorce wherein his attorney became my employer to "handle" me while I was a guineapig for this agenda. The agenda being the one world bank zionist agenda using human guineapigs to manipulated with this Nazi science into fabricated evidence. ASU, a CIA masked participant in my perpetration signed me up as a student for "behavior modificaiton research" as if I was a random subject... being married to a lawyer and having worked in civil/injury law, I knew that they had to fully and reasonably disclose in that no one in their right mind would knowingly engage voluntarily in the literal dismanteling of their life work for a bunch of criminals trying to put them out on the street, die or traffic into one of their rings. It is obvious to me that agents for this agenda, many calling themselves Jews are literally working for the Vatican Nazi banks, getting their Ivy League degrees for free and using Federal Funding to control and take over the Universities and the disinformation taught through their programs that push pro-communism and global government. These are drug-running criminals and murderers pushing for this agenda.

    Kim Dyer, Tempe Arizona
    ASU Summa Cum Laude graduate and prey. I can't help but notice sites that "match" this one in font, etc. that seem to be attached to me intended to stress me out or terrorize. John Sinclair Dyer was found 1/9/10 in his Tucson home with a masonic square and compass drawn into a pool of his blood in the kitchen with a null sign to the right. He and I were discussing abuses of this nature to a certain degree and how our intel is being used in certain deceptive international best sellers about the Sinclairs being a grail family... Even David Icke is trafficking people to disinformation CIA shills in his latest book Remember Who You Are that call us shapeshifting reptillians, etc. and incorrectly stating that we are pushing this idea of being offspring of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. I want nothing to do with it, although the Mormon Church, I am informed has a lot invested in this covert agenda.

  2. Be Careful. The Nsa, first and foremost are the most mentally ill people in the United States. They are in it because they are very insecure individuals who hide in a building with a weapon. Can't say I blame their schizoprenic fear and We all Need the same equipment in our Homes as they do. But they target just to target because they don't want to do Real Work. Out of meanness, to deter anyone from doing real work. So if John were Working for say a pharmacueitcal company that they had stock in, they're so introverted and mean that they would kill the guy that works for the company they own stock in. Not that killing Or RANDOMLY TARGETING ANYONE is condoneable, but, they're not too smart. They need to do HONEST surveillance work without Hurting anyone and if their is a criminal, well then, let's be real here, they have how many men and women to capture, them, drones, planes military equipment? And if they were to all do Reiki or prayer for the individual not feelling well, then the criminal would be healed. I believe JOhn was fullly targeted JUST LIKE ME, sadly to try to take away our brain power, because these are indiviudals who are afraid to heal their own brain and become successful at something that would prosper instead of Kill people.

  3. their = there (apologize)

    John is targeted alright. This nsa liar who wrote the first article is lying and God will prosecute him on this man's way to heaven. He'll be stopped and not let in til he confesses to God. I feel Bad for John. Stay Strong John. God's going to get our Time back. This individual is not going to make it to heaven til he rights his wrongs. Neither is Blackwater, neither are the insecure Bullies who don't do hOnest Work in the NSA.

  4. Funny, looks like the site was changed to say John Akwei, as opposed to "John Sinclair Akwei"... So I would simply disregard. People, all kinds of us are puppets being manipulated because we want to help people. There is a lot of garbage on the internet on all media. Be very, very careful what you buy into.

  5. The judge who dismissed John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA has a history of influencing cases for the U.S. Intelligence community. The best known of these cases is the one regarding Hamilton Securities. The Judge, Stanley Sporkin, used the QuiTam false claims statue to keep this case open for over four years, while the Bush 41 Administration and CIA attempted to systematically destroy Hamilton Securties. Hamilton Securites was owned by Catherine Austin Fitts, who was Assistant director of HUD under Bush 41.

    Her revamping of HUD not only decentralized the way housing mortgages were
    handled, but also prevented many of the abuses of the system that had been taking place in the past.

    As a result of this, Fitts and her company became the targets of a smear campaign which resulted in the destruction of her company. Based on the claims made by Catherine Austin Fitts, she was also targeted for organized stalking for a number of years.

    Whether John St. Clair Akwei worked for the NSA or not, his lawsuit is a very compelling one, and does describe quite a bit of the NSA's domestic spy apparatus, including a signals intelligence emf scanning network that is used to track Americans by way of the unique EMF signatures of their own bodies.

    Including the EMF brainwave print of each citizen.

    Akwei's lawsuit should have been heard in a U.S. courtroom.

    1. Mr. Marino - Thank you as that needed to be stated. Me and my autistic son have been targeted for at least 9 1/2 yrs or at least that is when I first consciously became aware of the systematic non-coincidences of vibrations, noise campaigns aka sleep deprivation, helicopters hovering over my roof, constant radiation & electrical car problems, cointelpro organized stalking/discrediting/blacklisting....and later would come the headaches, metalic radiation tastes in my mouth, hair loss, complete take-over of my ventilation system & water pipes and all sorts of internal GI conditions too heartbreaking to state here - all would eventually lead me to being hospitalized for 5 1/2 days in 2011 for what I now believe was a complete Acute Radiation GI Syndrome Breakdown of which most people die from. And one would think that hospital deadly illness w/b the worst of my storm BUT IT WAS NOT....

      The worst has been what these Satanic, Nazi, Psychopathic Govmt Terrorists have done to my beloved son who was already Autistic (Aspergers) but very high functioning to a point whereas initially when you meat him, you couldn't immediate detect that he was autistic. THOSE DOD/NSA/CIA/NIH/FBI NAZI EUGENECISTS MF's and their complete invasion of our lives, especially the MANY radiation-emitting military war weapons that we were AND STILL ARE subjected to IN OUR OWN HOMES 24/7, really took a tole on my son's ability and right to an academic pursuit while in high school. Despite these Terrorist Intelligence-Agency NAZIS and their Criminal Contractors constantly bombarding my son and me with noise and stress and sleep deprivation, I am so very grateful to God that my son still was able to graduate H.S on time though having missed out on a lot of academic and social rewards and enjoyment that most other teenagers had b/c he was always so tired and sleepy in the mornings and struggling to even stay alert. I TRIED EVERYTHING EVERY OTHER TI HAS TRIED AND MUCH MORE b/c tragically they even target TIs' disabled children (imagine what radiation-emitting electromagetic, scalar wave, microwve & DEW's do to an already-autistic has been torture for my son and he's a wonderful young man that most anyone would like)....I tried moving and of course that didn't work as the Remote Neural Monitoring easily tracked our electrical body makeup.....they don't care.....TI's are merely "OBJECTS" to them and they do it all without fear of punishment too given that ALL complicit corporations and persons that assist these Criminal IntelAgencies, are assured COMPLETE GOVMT IMMUNITY thanks to our corrupt DOJ who has improperly classified these heinous CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY in order to hide these Govmt Crimes therebye DOJ having too committed the violation of Executive Order 13526 Section 1.7...well too bad Executive Orders are NOT judiciously enforceable and too bad today there are NO BASIC LEGAL STATUTES TO PROTECT SO-CALL NATIONAL SECURITY INVOLUNTARY HUMAN SUBJECTS aka TIs. Back to my point... the improper classification of these illegal human-subject research experiments in the name of some ridiculous fake justification of our UNWITTING Torture and Assassinations being secretly committed to protect 'National Security' IS A F'ING NATIONAL DISGRACE!

      Personally I am very grateful for Mr. Akwei's lawsuit as it has been very helpful in enabling me to better understand the legal ramifications of this assault on me, my son and THOUSANDS of other fellow Unwitting-American Victims and probably MILLIONS of Global Unwitting Victims too. I found the details of Mr. Akwei's presented case VERY CREDIBLE EDUCATION for a TI who might want to take this on in a court room some time in the future.

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  7. I want to know is there any of you who can actually speak to me through email or such to help me understand. I as I call it woke up in June 2012 and have not stopped being terrorized by public persons who found out about it and decided to use it as a game to destroy my life. I do have children and we have been in danger with the public for awhile. They think it's fun and they have actually gone to steps of breaking the law and using police and others to stalk me with regular cameras and equipment and such. They have effected me getting medical help and I have an abnormality and growth on my brain. They have actually threw me in to a cell where they strapped me in a chair for just a disorderly conduct ticket and electrocuted me. I have been raped by a police officer and now they say they are doing behavior modification by electrocuting me all the time. It is like strong static but it hurts and my heart feels like it will stop at times.. They also threw me in a mental institution with no means to or reason and i now have seizures. they stop me from making reports of them stalking by using some source.. but yet yes i hear the sound.. I am able to talk with others with out a blue tooth or electronic device attached to me. SOmetimes it is so silly they say they see my thoughts on some website..Idk just help please so I cant atleast understand the hearing. I am trying to file a civil rights complaint on their prejudiceness.


  8. My name is Noah Edward Washken. I am A innocent Man, A Catholic hard working DAD. I am blood relation to the first President of the United States of America. I am part Black Foot Indian. I have and can legally obtained evidence to criminally charge and put Corrupt Political perpetrators, corrupt Government perpetrators, corrupt corporate perpetrators, corrupt WORLD perpetrators, ALL perpetrators away for lifetimes of incarceration. I have evidence about an illegal synthetic telepathy concentration camp with the illegal abuse of HUNDREDS of innocent American families in Massachusetts. INNOCENT WOMEN AND CHILDREN HAVE BEEN ABUSED and the perpetrators laugh while committing these crimes. The FBI already confessed to murdering my uncle John J Sullivan, January,13,2009 and our cousin guarded the WHITE HOUSE and LOGAN Airport. PERPETRATORS HAVE TERRORIZED INNOCENT FAMILIES WITH ILLEGAL ARTIFICIAL TELEPATHY ALONG WITH ILLEGAL COVERT WEAPONS AND ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT. Residential and Commercial dwellings, with A mass amount of innocent people inside, had been poisoned by Illegal Covert Perpetrators. That was A confession by A FBI perpetrator. A FBI Perpetrator stated and confessed to the illegal poisoning of children and confessed that the FBI claims the murder of A poisoned infant as (SIDS) at the hospital. Statements where made about the illegal poison being used, chemical agents that are not traceable to regular medical scans. I N.E.W. have been terrorized and tortured by a illegal covert Government and more for being Catholic and Patriotic and innocent. Perpetrators who are illegally gang and community stalking confessed about illegal slavery and illegal synthetic telepathy sex slavery. Perpetrators use illegal synthetic telepathy as a mind/brain altering substance, an illegal narcotic. Perpetrators host of A victims brainwaves using illegal technology bridge connected by an illegal frequency stream to the illegal implantation. The perpetrators created an illegal matrix with the use of their illegal technology. Obsessed and addicted to artificial imagery and my Human Temple, the perpetrators illegally experimented/tortured while getting addicted, obsessed, jealous, and high with illegal technology and my Temple. The main areas of the abuse have been the Medford, Cambridge, Newton, Woburn, Watertown, Waltham and Belmont Massachusetts area. But the illegal activity has spread across the state of Massachusetts and more. I went to Key Largo, Florida on vacation with my family in 2014. I was followed, stalked, harassed, threatened and more during the stay and during the travel across the States. There has been illegal terrorist cult abuse, illegal satanic perverted pedophilia rape, illegal experimentation and more caused by illegal FBI,CIA perpetrators, illegal malicious hackers, and other branches of illegal Law Enforcement, illegal Political Perpetrators and illegal Corporate WORLD Perpetrators. I am seeking Medical assistance to HEAL and remove the illegal implantations. Mass protection orders and technology takedown. I am seeking financial compensation for all victims. Hundreds of innocent families. I am seeking for JUSTICE and more. Thank You, GOD BLESS

    N.E.W. LEGAL REFERENCES AT: New USA, Facebook page and Noah Edward Washken, Google page.

    1. Hi Noah, Just wondering if there is any way i can chat with you about this subject as i to have been a TI for 5 years now, i remember the very night it all happened and iv never been the same, It split my realationship with my girlfriend who i muched loved of 4 years, im an engineer and havnt been able to keep a job for more than a matter of weeks after being in the trade for 12 years, iv nearly taken my own life because of this, i really would love to be able to hear from someone else who understands this as im horrified to talk to anyone about it as they would think im crazy,this still effects me to this day, iv lost everything including myself and i need me back for my familys sake, be much appreciated if i hear from u soon, Much Regards Michael

  9. site for more information :


  11. Hello, I requested permission to view the court documents. I too am a targeted individual and am working with others in trying to gather factual evidence to send to congress. Please allow my request.

    1. It is more than I can even comment. They constantly,control my mind,manipulate,disturb my mental process,fake negative emotions,physically do a lot to make me feel bad. The issue is not just technological as I have caught their spirits having sex with me and I personally know some of them(mostly women). They have powers(good or evil,it's God's business).Their spirits follow their victims and exploit them sexually,etc,not just technology. My property is also damaged.

      As I write,they have already murdered me,use me for experiment,mind control,spiritual sex out of their physical bodies,feeding on me,and have planned that I should die in less than 3 years from now.

      The technology is a hard knock to crack. As for their spirits that I discovered to be following and exploiting me, I believe that a stronger power and preferably,of Holy source(God) will stop them. But in real life, how do I encounter God and not just this idea one has always has that he/she is a Christian,going to Church,etc but real experience. Despite this problem I have always hated evil and want a good source of help and will not use evil to chase evil.

      Anyone that can help should contact me for they have set me up for death. I am an innocent young man they simply had their desire to use my body for their evil,soup,and spiritual rape.

      Who has ever tried quwave defender? I bought one and has not been helping but I am giving it 2week.

  12. I know for absolute certain that John St Clair is mentally ill and that is sad. I know the "Kinnecome Group" they are just a normal family from Maryland who went to high school with this guy. I am married to a member of this family and find all this paranoid stuff sad and a waste of time really.

  13. I know for absolute certain that John St Clair is mentally ill and that is sad. I know the "Kinnecome Group" they are just a normal family from Maryland who went to high school with this guy. I am married to a member of this family and find all this paranoid stuff sad and a waste of time really.