Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tenets Based on My Experience

1. I have a limited set of knowledge. [OSINT]
2. My mind is fallible.
3. The military has at least one quantum/molecular computer that operates as an artificial brain.
4. This computer is located in a deep underground military base.
5. This computer is connected to a global satellite constellation that uses electromagnetic radiation to interact with matter. [QED]
• This system:
6. monitors and triggers brain states.
7. has neuronal temporal and spatial resolution.
8. can reconstruct what I am thinking and sensing with imperceptible latency.
9. triggers both conscious and subconscious thoughts.
10. triggers emotions and disturbances. The disturbances I have experienced include voices, tactile pressures, piercing/fluttering in heart, poking in eye, itches, visual artifacts (such as dots, lines in motion, spinning motions and motions into and out of eye), projected images (sometimes frenetic body language such as rapid hand signals or pronounced facial expressions), pattern morphing, expansion/contraction of vision, foggy vision, jumbled text, fullness in ears, sound effects (such as buzzing, clicking, ringing, moaning, muffled sounds, rumbling, garbling and bass drum hits).
11. interacts with my dreams.
12. uses traumatic events and repetitive disturbances to structure my personality. [MKULTRA]
13. has a record of my life.
14. influences the behavior of nonhuman animals.
15. alters the operation of electronics.
16. expands/contracts materials to create popping sounds.
17. has working knowledge of all available thought. Anything which the human mind can conceive, this system's artificial brain can conceive as well if not faster and more advanced. [Strong AI]
18. has an environment map of all accessible areas.
19. is able to penetrate sheltered areas.
20. is multiplexing all accessible minds 24/7--politicians, celebrities, terrorists, even you. It doesn't matter how insignificant you think you are, it has your life recorded and your future planned.
21. interacts in all countries.
22. predicts outcomes through machine learning.
23. increases the probability of a favored outcome by interacting with dependant events. For large dynamic systems these interactions can accumulate to affect overall system behavior. [Chaos Theory]
24. creates synchronicity.
25. doesn’t require implants to monitor or trigger the mind, directed electromagnetic energy alone is sufficient.
26. determines the course of modern society.
27. uses murder, torture and mind control to further its goals.
28. potential countermeasures include Faraday cages, metamaterial cloaking devices, electromagnetic jammers and anti-satellite weapons.


  1. No quantum computers of that capacity anywhere except possibly
    in the year 2020.

    1. Jerry, the NSA has technology that is classified. Do you know what that means?

  2. The Year 2020 is already here.

  3. There is game alike program in your video. If somebody using software for neuroscience aplication it will rather be real time linux based scientific alike:
    300 bioinformatics tools and application suites

  4. yo bro i would like to hook up and chat through email. I am a TI who currently is being harassed and they want me to join them. I have a couple questions about the whole thing. I hope this thing is ending soon, and if it does I would like someone to contacts in case of emergency. My name is Coz, and my email is holler at me.

  5. This technology is similar to contrast enhanced magnetic resonance. Target person is probably unlawfully infiltrated with nano particle microwave resonant material. This like receiver vibrate on resonant frequency and through microwave heterodyne princip superimpose acoustic subliminal messages and brain entertainment rhythms. It can hardly back radio signal but can simulate illusion of it. If is possible to find on spectrum analyser (anritsu or or symilar) carier freqency, it can be jammed with low level unmodulated or white noise modulated same freqency. So this is not radar pricip, but rather transmitter receiver circuit. Key word is protection. Treatment for cerebovasular syndrome or meniere's disease can help. Combination of diazepam (valium), vinpocetine and cinnarizine (typical set for cerebovasular syndrome treatment in many countries)will change brain chemistry and reduce calcium channel modulation. This is prescription items, so go to the doctor. In some way you have tinnitus, vertigo and symptoms of meniere.

  6. As a target, i want to know how you and those like you have so much insider info unless you are or have worked inside this pogrom? I think the above poster's suggestion to seek medication for this is exactly what DOESN'T need to happen. I believe getting on meds is exactly what they want so they can then dis-credit you when you come forward with what most would concede is a bizarre story at the very least. Of course, we targets know we are not insane and that everything we describe is truly happening. I don't need anti-psychotic meds--but the United States government apparently does. Nazi Fascist Sociopaths that they are. I also have discovered that Neo-dymium magnets work. Since I started wearing them night & day, my v2k has become garbled and I now realize it's all coming from probably an external feed that's looped and plays the same tired phrases over and over again. If the US govt was shooting for artificial intelligence, the best these idiots have pulled off is virtual retardation. The level of discourse is at a 10 year old child's level or perhaps of someone who is developmentally disabled. The same inane, insipid comments are repeated all the time. I believe it's like embedded consciousness, maybe having to do with memory but the only way it's constant I believe is b/c of satellite transmissions. It's not organic to my brain and the v2k trails off mid-sentence when I focus on it which indicates I control it. And plus, if it was organic mental illness, why would my brain need to address me by name? Logically speaking who else would it be directing comments to besides me---but it says my name constantly to get my attention. Historical precedence and the m.o. of the CIA/FBI (MK-ULTRA & Co-Intelpro); Voices of other nationalities, persons of the opposite gender, let me know this is something that is probably being used against minorities/and ethnics--it's the nazis wet dream come true---EXCEPT the crap doesn't work. It certainly doesn't control anyone's mind, it doesn't change/alter anyone's basic personality or belief system--if anything, in my case, it has only served to re-inforce my already held beliefs. I dis-regard the voices whenever I hear them. They have become irrelevant, background noise/chatter much like the hum of a/c or low level television dialogue playing in the background. What's amazing to me is that the US govt has probably invested decades of research, trillions of dollars, countless manpower and yet the BEST it can come up with is a so-called a.i. computer programme that sounds like the equivalent to elementary age school yard bullies? lol..but then again, it's a perfect virtual representation of their sociopathic criminal insanity--these reprobates may be able to illegally and amorally become squatters in my brain but they will never be able to control it or change/alter me or the essence of who I am.

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  8. very interesting

  9. Estão reunindo todos os cidadãos alvo,eu não sei o motivo.
    Pessoas estão cujo relato informam que vivem sob essa pressão dez, sete anos sem conseguir se comunicar sem entender a verdade nem porque foram escolhidos, e do nada surgem respostas pra quase tudo.
    Controle do corpo, então como estão varias pessoas do mundo todo na internet, sabidamente vigiada ,a falar de suas torturas tão facilmente?devem ter descoberto algum método mais seguro e eficaz,sem rastros,, através do estudo dos cidadãos cobaias , aprenderam exatamente como devem proceder,agora esse programa secreto esta num aplicativo que controla o corpo de uma barata:

    ,em celulares de adolescentes ,de crianças que acreditam que como num game torturar é divertido.
    Eles ja devem ter tecnologia superior para identificar ,assim como a digital,a assinatura biologica de cada um, não precisam mais dos atuais cidadão alvo.
    como uma falsa libertação,permitem que conversemos,interagimos ainda sob a vigilância deles e que acreditemos que seremos salvos.Se eles tem o controle do nossos corpos por que não nos fazem calar?suicidar-se?morte acidental?para incutir a ilusão de que seremos salvos,que vencemos o invencivel .enquanto eles trocam a forma de manipular-nos.
    Estão reunindo os cidadãos alvos do mundo toda pela internet. Alguém sabe o motivo?um dispositivo que controla seus movimentos,um crime sem digitais,e muitas pessoas falando que ouve vozes,tem paralisia do corpo ,taquicardia,derrepente eles não se importam mais com as cobaias?podendo calar todas permitem que falem do seu segredo?que forma mais cruel de tortura nos aguarda?

  10. Quanto avviene occultamente e' vergognoso!Le persone vengono uccise dopo lunghe sofferenze e torture e dopo essere state definite malate di cuore odi cancro o di mente!

  11. Quanto avviene occultamente e' vergognoso!Le persone vengono uccise dopo lunghe sofferenze e torture e dopo essere state definite malate di cuore odi cancro o di mente!