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Microwave Hearing

The microwave auditory effect (also known as the Frey effect or the microwave hearing effect) is perceived as a "buzz, clicking, hiss, or knocking" originating "within, or immediately behind, the head". While its mechanism is not entirely understood, the prevailing theory is that pulsed microwaves become absorbed by tissue in the skull creating a thermoelastic wave sensed by the inner ear. Sources cite the first anecdotal accounts as occurring during World War II by personnel working in close proximity to radar equipment. A subsequent discovery occurred in 1947 by radar technicians at Airborne Instruments Laboratory and is described in the article "An Observation on the Detection by the Ear of Microwave Signals".

Research in the United States began with the work of Allan Frey whose seminal publications "Auditory system response to radio frequency energy. Technical note." (1961) and "Human auditory systems response to modulated electromagnetic energy" (1962) were the first to investigate the effect. Frey used transmitters which were "pulse modulated with no information placed on the signal". By varying transmitter parameters such as pulse width, peak power density and pulse repetition rate he was able to induce auditory sensations in the frequency range 5kHz and higher.

In the early 1970s Joseph Sharp and Mark Grove at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research took Frey's work one step further by successfully transmitting speech using pulsed microwaves as described in the 1975 article "Microwaves and Behavior" and in the 1978 text "Microwave Auditory Effects and Applications" by James C. Lin. The image to the left shows the modulation scheme used by Sharp and Grove.

The first patent for microwave hearing communication was filed on December 19, 1983 by Philip Stocklin of Satellite Beach, FL ("Hearing Device"). No follow-up information is available on the efficacy of this device other than that Stocklin's theory has been discredited in favor of the thermoelastic mechanism. The second patent by a private entity was filed in 1988 ("Hearing System") which claims a novel application of signal bursts to create intelligible communication.

It wasn't until 1996 that the US Air Force filed patent "Method and device for implementing the radio frequency hearing effect" which was accepted in 2002 and subsequently modified as "Apparatus for audibly communicating speech using the radio frequency hearing effect". The objects of this invention include the intelligible encoding of speech, the intelligible demodulation of encoded speech by the microwave hearing effect and to "permit a message to be identified and understood as speech when a listener does not know beforehand that the message is speech". There has been reported successful demonstration of this patent using the double sideband balanced modulator approach.

Some military applications of this technology are shown in the following unclassified and declassified documents:
It would also appear possible to create high fidelity speech in the human body, raising the possibility of covert suggestion and psychological direction... it may be possible to "talk" to selected adversaries in a fashion that would be most disturbing to them.
New World Vistas Ancillary Volume (1995)
A decoy and deception concept presently being considered is to remotely create the perception of noise in the heads of personnel by exposing them to low power, pulsed microwaves.
US Army research paper (1980)
Application of the microwave hearing technology could facilitate a private message transmission. It may be useful to provide a disruptive condition to a person not aware of the technology. Not only might it be disruptive to the sense of hearing, it could be psychologically devastating if one suddenly heard 'voices within one's head.'
Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons (1998)
voice to skull devices - Nonlethal weapon which includes (1) a neuro-electromagnetic device which uses microwave transmission of sound into the skull of persons or animals by way of pulse-modulated microwave radiation...The sound modulation may be voice or audio subliminal messages.
US Army CALL Definition - voice to skull devices (2004)
Another application of the microwave hearing effect is to temporarily incapacitate an individual by creating a strong sensation of sound in the head. The non-lethal weapon MEDUSA utilizes this effect. A similar application has been proposed for birds in the path of airplanes.

A final note is the operational distance of the microwave transmitter. The "Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons" study states:
Microwave energy can be applied at a distance, and the appropriate technology can be adapted from existing radar units. Aiming devices likewise are available but for special circumstances which require extreme specificity, there may be a need for additional development. Extreme directional specificity would be required to transmit a message to a single hostage surrounded by his captors. Signals can be transmitted long distances (hundreds of meters) using current technology. Longer distances and more sophisticated signal types will require more bulky equipment
So given the right technology it may be possible for a highly directional microwave transmitter mounted on a low Earth orbit satellite to transmit messages to an individual person using the microwave hearing effect.

The following is a video and a list of articles from the popular media on microwave hearing:

Microwave Ray Gun Controls Crowds with Noise (July 2008) [2]
The Microwave Scream Inside Your Skull (July 2008)
Army Yanks ‘Voice-To-Skull Devices’ Site (May 2008)
US Army Toyed with Telepathic Ray Gun (March 2008)
‘Telepathic Ray Guns’ and Vaporized Shoes (March 2008)
Nonlethal Weapons Could Target Brain, Mimic Schizophrenia (February 2008)
The Voice of God Weapon Returns (December 2007)
The Other MEDUSA (August 2007)


  1. Excellent information.

    Please contact me by e-mail, I have additional information.


  2. I doubt that satellites are used. IMO, that was placed where it was deliberately. Otherwise, good info.

    1. How else would a target be bombarded with Voice to Skull no matter where they go? Someone under this can go out to the middle of the desert where their are absolutely no cell towers and they will still be bombarded with voices. It is satellites.

  3. It is no longer necessary to use electrodes to monitor brain function at a distance. After Delgado's experiments in the 1950s, began to use a model for EEG biometrics at a distance that allows the individuation and activation of mental functions to different individuals, and distance, without electrodes. Details are on this site that deals with the physical control of the mind so scientific and objective. https://sites.google.com/site/controlemental

    1. You wrote that it is possible to have a EEG of a brain target without using electrodes on the head.So from the distance and directly through walls?
      Please.Are you kidding me?
      Post a link to a website where I can see this device.A site in english,not italian ,russian a.s.o
      Best Regards

    2. How do you protect from Auditory Microwave effect?

      There seems to be plenty of information online about the subject,
      but no real solutions on how to block the signals.

      Personally, I have been experiencing them for over 2 years and want to get rid of them.

      Are the transmissions digital or in binary code?
      If so, is there any way to scramble of hack them?

      Is there any advice you can give me on how to end these transmissions?

      Thank you in advance for your time,

      "Freyed and Confused"

      Littleton, Co.

      Please reply to : ruckoverriley@hotmail.com

    3. A well built Faraday Cage that's designed to block the specific frequency range that the voice to skull is used on you at.

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  4. US Patent No. 3951134 relates to apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves. This apparatus applies radar technologies to detect brain waves at a distance. The auxiliary transmitter may send microwave pulses to the head of a target citizen so as to cause microwave hearing effects.

    1. You wrote that it is possible to have a EEG of a brain target without using electrodes on the head of the target.

      So from the distance and directly through walls?
      Please send me a link to a website where I can see this device.

      A site in english,not italian ,russian a.s.o
      Best Regards

  5. http://gangstalkingbelgium.wordpress.com/2012/06/


  6. I have been a non consensual subject of this technology since 2006 in NYC and recently in Miami. I have hundreds of measurements, images and recordings as well as medical examinations on the damaging effects of this technology. A large lawsuit is being prepared to make this experimentation on humans illegal. You can contact me at stefano.marescotti@gmail.com

    1. always chill out and it can become like a normal part of life.Just live and certain parts will fade into the shadows. I do not know if there is anything that can or ever will be done about it but do your best to make friends. I hate them but they are here and nothing I can do about it.

  7. The video of a Prof. Lin is typical. Much more can be transmitted than coded clicks.
    Acoustic clicks are used at various pitches & frequencies to cause extreme nausea.
    How about tightening of heart valves? Want a simulated "spiritual experience"?
    Of course full sentences can be transmitted into someones head for days...
    Sleep deprivation is a favorite weapon & is in itself a powerful brain washing effect.

    How about substituting remote frequencies to replace sleep for 6-8 months of total
    sleeplessness? Clicks & chirps my ass. Blogs like this are designed to turn off
    The intelligent & lead the gullible into a corner of nebulous nonsense with rehashed
    old info, old vids. None of this is new tech, it is being used on US civilians who
    are not activists or whistleblowers. Certain families are followed generation after
    generation. This is not done by government or by any NWO as described by Alex Jones.

    It is a combination or hybrid of church and state with the former doing the dirty work
    selling remotely recorded data of individuals trying to function w/o stimulants or drugs for months
    without sleep to government agencies. These individuals are without dependents. They are
    forced to retire. And yes, you have to believe that they are totally discredited
    due to the effects of the technology.

    Induced depression is followed by physical weakness & the inability to function socially.
    Then comes the visits to psych doctors. Induced "voices" is only the beginning...which means psychosis etc.
    The person has been rendered useless as a reliable filer of any complaints.

    This is done on a limited number of ppl & IMO is not an indicator of eminent martial law or
    any socialist NWO Alex Jones derived plot. Which probably makes me suspect as a perpetrator & blah blah blah.

  8. If you want a better idea beyond the above five paragraphs try "The Unpossible File".

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  10. I am a subject as well. They have done extreme damage to my brain, my heart stops and I am incontinous pain. I am afraid to have a child that they might follow him as well. I am waiting for the awaking of the people so that this is stopped! You can email me at for8aby@windowslive.com

  11. Many if not all mind control and stalking YT channels as well as Internet sites are deliberate willful fakes
    whose object is to discredit particular inconvenient facts by surrounding those
    facts with exaggerated nonsense and BS superstition. One of the items needing discrediting
    is anything to do with electronic subjugation of innocent US civilians.

    YT videos on these subjects always devolve/ regress into deliberate paranoia.
    These ppl on radio interviews on YT are there to publicize their books or services AND
    to discredit anything they say that might be factual. Many of them are professional
    Disinformation artists who are experts at hiding truth in plain sight as long as it is
    buried and surrounded by nonsense. All the "testimonials" are equally fake or in rare cases
    done by real paranoids who think that their delusions are the result of government/ NWO
    interference. Most are absolutely fake as are the comments. Leave it to these guys
    to try and conceal themselves by talking both sides of the argument.

    1. they use the right frequencies they can receive your brain waves . They are but they are not your thoughts. At times the response is so strong that you do not realize it is them talking and it is not your own thoughts. You hear yourself talking through your thoughts to yourself so when you think hard enough it seems as though they know what you are thinking. It is from them watching and receiving the looks into your movement.
      The biggest test they do give you to know if it is what is suppose to be is by testing your will and see if you will listen to them or do what you want.. They will also test your free will and self control because it gives them the feeling of Gods. It is nothing that any man in the world does not want. Believers or non.. the world has many people that you are all speaking of but, most of them the test is survival. They want to know when the time comes can you defend your country or yourself and where are the people of the world at in thought today.
      I will state I am absolutely against all testing and donot agree with any of it but if you do certain things and get in their favor then you have a better chance of survival. Unfortunately again it is at times like a movie or even the movie hunger games.. the rich must favor you or love you to make a difference for you in a positive way.
      The world's very own SIMS, but do not let the boys get caught playing while their boss is away because if they do then they will in fear start doing stuff to destroy you and lead others in to discontinuing you as a project. The newbs are the worse. The ones who get fired are even worser...especially when they steal the access and take you home to play with his friends..

    2. wha wha what? Your comment used 2b called Markoff Chain machine derived bs. IOW, Russian Republican Alex Jones AI troll farm nonsense.

  12. I lost your E-mail... it was deleted, can you send it again?

    Anyway... Found some interesting info you might like.


    University of Calgury video about mercury binding to neuron growth sites.... possible induction increase for EM stimulation, yes?

  13. It seems the presenter of this issue selectively presents information interpreting this as possible but rejects all the included caveats- the most serious of which is that the amount of power for sustained communications is very harmful, AND the power would be enormous because of attenuation over great distances.
    Put simply just because you can use microwaves to cook a turkey in your microwave oven does not mean it is possible for the government to cook that same turkey on your table from a satellite in space.
    Telling people that is the reason you hear voices in your head will not convince them of your sanity and could only stand as further evidence of a tenuous grasp on it.

  14. over 30 yrs with me being a rnm victim

  15. I started hearing this voice to skull crap (V2K), in Cape Town South Africa. At first I thought it was my neighbors above me speaking at exactly the moment I would go to bed. They would speak about my work and office events.

    Little did I know this is all gang stalking as well. That was only the beginning.

  16. Began in 2014, near Adelaide library and or 5413 ip address. Your citizen Silvia Lorena Pinchon, admittedly by her own live recording, inserted text by photo shop image placement, or etc. on Facebook messenger. I am charging, claiming "libel" and defamation of my Facebook: Winikeneke knuikalo leafs; Silvia Lorena Pinchon, entered sexual and psychology statements that was never typed by me; "Robert Vincent Leaf", (my real legal name for above mentioned Facebook account). Since April 2015, bribery, in Hawaii, with a tourist passport, not qualified to impersonate US and AU NSA, officers. She performing legal investigations collaborating with this org: atooikingdom.com, residence at Kalaheo Hawaii. Using a GPS, RNM system, and multiple other Computer, online device's. Trace --- ping-swarming, by bribery of local Hawaiian residents, to operate devices with multiple attempts to murder me, RVL.
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  17. Is there equipment that can measure that it is true and not some form of mental illness? And how long does it last for a person to hear such annoying sorts of matter

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  19. Admin please help me pass this on.
    I have lived a very terrified life the past 12 years due to the steady distraction caused by tinnitus. I hear a steady, offensive and unending buzzing sound on my left ear, which made me deaf. I worked in a factory for 28 years and i was really much exposed to loud noise, since i retired 15 years ago i have been faced with this, infact it made me deaf. I was fortunate enough to get a medicine from Dr. Joseph that put a final stop to the sound and it has never returned since then. Most doctors might tell you there is no cure to tinnitus but as a survivor of this i will tell you it is curable. To get the medicine for yourself just reach him personally on josephalberteo@gmail.com also for advise and information too.

  20. RMN remote neural monitoring do exist, this technology can track you over long distance; beam voices into your head; ear what you ear, see through your eyes, recall memory that you are the only one to know about, deprive you for sleeping. Every human beeing has a single electrical brain signature that is unique and can be targeted remotely, no implant is needed. No more freedom, you can be spyed 24/7 without knowing it. Except if the preps wants to torture you by V2k, and sleep deprivation commenting and insulting you, threatening you to death, trying to drive you crazy, pushing you to suicide or to get diagnose as schizophrenic. Nowhere to hide, nobody can undersatnd what you are going through, they try to isolate you and destroy you socially. "No touch psycho high tech voyeurism mind torture" of the 21 st century! I have been a victim of this nightmare and I know the perpetrators

  21. I believe it to be true and still used today on myself to be exact... How ever I refuse to bend on agreeing or disagreeing with y.k.w (You Know Who) on false pretenses and have grown more alert and relaxed with the Ebonics language that is used... I also recognize it as a pester and have now problem telling them that they are a pester... Most important thing is you have to know yourself first and understand to not let other people make decisions for you... It has been going now for about 12 years for me...LOL You would think if it takes the dumb ass that long to try and create and make an argument baised on b.s. then it wouldn’t be that effective for what ever reason... I talked to the y.k.w. before this effect again and he stated that it was normal and that I was over worrying myself but they still spoke louder and increased their false comments since then even when they have the knowledge that entrapment is not legal in the U.S... I still have and recognize a loving family and friends and still treat them with respect when they treat me with respect as always... I’ll always argue that the Frey effect is the wrong approach to trying to gain information especially if the person would be more then willing to discuss this information directly and professionally if necessary... And if it isn’t then there is no need to create a negative attitude or atmosphere to falsify anything... It could create a crazy and negative situation so i’ve learned over these years... But for the record to show there entrapment arguments never amount to anything and are less worrisome now is my any important comment... Best wishes to anyone that has claimed to have a similar problem...


  22. I've had a hacker for 8 years who recently did this to me. He's been able to hack everything we own including cars, microwaves etc. as well as create sounds in our home, on our bodies etc. It is a "ticking" or "pinging" and I now know is done using sound waves. He has been extremely proficient at this and followed us everywhere we went. Now he used the remote downloading of this and also direct energy weapons against me.

    I know the name of my attacker and recently went to the police and FBI and filled out a report. Now I want to pursue legal action as he has escalated this abuse.

    If anyone could help me or wants to get a lawsuit going I have something most people don't....the identity of my abuser. He is simply a hacker as well as an RN and lives in Colorado where there are several military satellites.

    This IS going to be the wave of the future because abusive hackers will need a challenge and hacking satellites isn't enough; now they want to destroy a person's life.

    Governments are fooling themselves thinking that this is rare or that satellites and direct energy weapons are hard to hack and use. They themselves can easily be remotely accessed by their brain waves and destroyed.

    Just respond to this comment and leave an email. Like I've said, I'm fortunate to KNOW my abuser and he is not in the military, so there is no reason that he would rightly have access to these dangerous weapons. The only reason I'm not putting his name here is for legal reasons. I absolutely know who he is.

    Any governments monitoring this please know that no one is safe if we don't start to help people like me. This man is a terrorist and extremely dangerous and if he did it to me, he'd do it to anyone.

    1. I know who my attacker is too. We live in Oceanside, CA near Camp Pendleton. It's a jealous wife and her son by another marriage, who is a computer genius. Am told I will never be able to prove it.

  23. Very informative article. Looking forward to more posts in near future.

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  25. Please list the microwave frequency range that is used so that detection equipment can be built.
    BTW New Zealand is infested with this stuff.

  26. Hi,
    I am a South African residing in Cape Town, and our local government has deployed this system around our country… It first started in the Western Cape and was originally put in place to fight gangs and drugs in our country. I have recently found evidence that it has been used on me for the last +-7 years and all because I mingled with the wrong groups. At present it is not legal and our constitution as well as our laws regarding surveillance does not allow for this kind of tracking. It is done via towers in and around your city and is based on similar software that is used in the Shotspotter system. Isolating your brainwaves if I may, via a long distance or lets say mobile EEG machine. All people on earth have similar brainwaves but we are all unique in our own way,for this makes it resonabaly easy in accordance with the perfect algorithm to pin point your exact location at all times. I don’t just hear but have direct conversations with the squad that does the surveillance 24/7. As this cant predict every last thing you think about it tenses up your vocal cords and sends out a signal hidden in an acoustic heterodyne signal to trick you in speaking your every thought. Mind reading not a possibility. If you have any questions regarding what else they are talking about or how they mostly use your own words and manner of conducting a conversation against you to make yourself listen as well as get a bit more than edgy sometimes as it does irrited the bejeezus out of you…. Not everybody likes the sound of their own voice as much as well…. A politician for example…lol… you can mail me with any info if you can find the company probably based in the US that sold it to South Africa, As info is not so easy to come by in and around these parts. My email is hennievandenberg10@gmail.com. Please do not respond to this email address as I don’t use it after hours….
    Best of luck, and lets kick some government ass!!!!

  27. I can only vouch for my experience with it and you can read my blog at http://microwaveauditoryvoiceeffect.blogspot.com/?m=1 and see my fan page on Facebook... I’ve dealt with it for about 14 years now... I am leaning more and more and I don’t discredit the pages I read but usually only relie on information that has been on tv news or from magazines and so on only because it is what have been professionally displayed to the public from sources that the public depends on to learn about most things... One source that I don’t have a credible source from yet said he worked at GE at some time... It is weird because there were two GE extremely close to where I live and had a family member that worked there... The odd part is even as I have complained of the microwave auditory effect on my Facebook page as well as my blog... Not once did he ever credit me with it being true... Most that play along with the language when it is being used against them act so dense it annoys the shit out of me... However I may note that my attorney that I have already sent portions of my blog to did give me a confident gesture to let me know there are cases that already exist of people complaining of being hassled by the microwave auditory voice effect...

  28. Sou um alvo ha 2 anose tenho lutado incansavelmente para reduzir as ondas de eletromagnetica e tambem as vibrações inclusa em todos os sons e palavras disparadas para meu cerebro.
    Agradeço a deus por me tornar forte e ter o objetivo de sjudar muitas pessoas atravez desta luta.
    Mas basicamente e uma onda cerevral de baixa frequência junto com sons com notas diversas para atuar no sistema nervoso como conando especificos com o intuito de manterem a associação oscologica e de tortura pscologica.
    Motivo indefinidos pous sao delunquentes que acreditao estarem acima da lei de Deus e dos homens.
    Afim de terem vantagens financeiras utilisando seres humanos como cobaias para seus propio interece.

    1. Se inscreva no canal CONTROLE MASCARADO, la você encontrará conteúdos exclusivos sobre como destivar o controle mental, tortura psicotrônica, armas eletromagnéticas, v2k, armas de energia dirigida.. e Mais conteúdo sobre tecnologia em geral, entrevistas com vítimas alvo e tudo sobre a rotina de um target individual.

  29. hi my name is Robert I'm also a Target individual it started for me and mableton Georgia United States by 8 months ago I'm a fast learner so I've learned quite a bit in the last 8 months I'm looking for ways to put it into it they will threaten you driving nuts just got to put a pair of headphones on that's the best way to deal with it listen to music or whatever you like to listen to and just pretend you're not there I also find focusing my mind on something else makes it harder for them to f*** with your mind but they do see through your eyes they hear what you hear all that true

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  31. This is a collection of information regarding V2K aka the microwave auditory effect, and attempts to recreate the technology with open source information and hardware: https://www.reddit.com/r/OpenV2K

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